Our Services

The MGUIP does not substitute city services but provides supplementary services, in our case primarily security, grass cutting and litter collection services. The community defines their own needs through an annual perception survey.

The priority areas may evolve over time but the main focus is on:

  • Safety and Security measures
  • Crime related to people (hi-jacking, robberies, assaults)
  • Crime related to property (burglaries of premises)
  • Maintenance of Roads, and street infrastructure (verges, drains, benches, etc.)
  • Condition of Street lights
  • Street cleanliness

In other matters, the MGUIP assists residents in holding the municipality to account for maintenance and repairs to municipal infrastructure relating to Water (and related issues such as burst waterpipes, no water, etc.); Electricity (and related issues such as electricity faults, illegal connections, etc.); Sewerage (related issues such as burst sewerage lines, stormwater blockages etc.) and Refuse Removal.

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